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​Nourish yourself in a way 
that helps you blossom 
in the direction you want to go.

Our love

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Grünes Gemüse

Our kitchen

We serve vegan/vegetarian food with seasonal and biological products.

Influenced by TCM and Ayurveda, inspired by our beloved Italien Kitchen. 

Whatever it's not grown in our garden, self-collected or fermented we try to get from local producers. Our aim is to do cooperations which share your ideal of sustainability and mindfulness.

This way we want to serve you colorful and healthy food, that is nourishing you on all levels. 

We are grateful to share not only our love for good tastes and healthy food, vegetables in all shapes and colors, fermentation and - of course - the Italien Kitchen.


We love to play with colors and flavors. 
Experiment with new tastes. Find best products. Surprise with small details. 


We love each other.

We love to share what we do.

Cucinamo. Let's cook together. 

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As a shakti yoga teacher and shiatsu practitioner I followed up TCM and Ayurveda. Now I love to orientate on the basic idea that you find everything you need around your house. That you should include elements and favors into a dish and find so healing balance. 

I am grateful to share my passion for Fermentation, Herbs and Cooking with Alessio. Blessed that he is supporting me and we created this project together

It's always a joy to load our VW camper with all our equipment, kombucha and vegetables and get ready for the next trip and cook together for amazing people. 


I'm coming from Rome and maybe that is the reason why I love good food and love to enjoy it - especially the Italien Kitchen.
Actually I am a handpan player and builder and this is how I met Martina one day.
With her I discovered amazing things like Fermentation, Kombucha, baking bread and the colourful world of vegan food. Honestly I am everything else than vegan and love to have pizza, pasta or cheese but I am really curios to explore new tastes and food habits.


This way I have fallen not only in love with Martina but also to this kind of kitchen. And it's never getting boring - that's sure!


I am happy to have this project with her and be invited to retreats and yoga events (which is also something new for me). So far me met a lot of great people and it's always a pleasure to see them enjoying and appreciate what we do. Together.  

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